Feedlot Health

Customized services that improve the net profitability of over four-million beef cattle each year

As North America’s premier feedlot consulting service, we work with feedlots and calf grower operations to determine ways to optimize production efficiency and overall animal health. We provide various service programs that can be paired and customized to meet your operation’s needs. Each program includes consultation with our industry professionals and the use of our proprietary software systems.

Our innovation and research is designed to support data-based decision making for our feedlot and calf grower clients. Through this, we have developed a global reputation with pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, feed companies and other beef industry organizations.

We have clients across the globe, in Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, South Africa and China; and we offer services in English, French, Spanish and Mandarin.

Our History

Our founding partner, Dr. Kee Jim, grew up on a cattle ranch north of Kamloops, British Columbia and attended the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

While in his second year of veterinary school, Kee recognized the opportunity to provide specialized veterinary services for the feedlot industry in southern Alberta. This inspired him to move to Okotoks, Alberta, after graduation in 1983 and create what would become Feedlot Health Management Services.

Recognizing potential for computerizing individual animal record keeping at feedlots, Feedlot Health continued development of a new feedlot software program that Kee had begun while in school. This resulted in the creation of the individual animal data collection and execution software systems that have become the cornerstone of the services provided by Feedlot Health.

This software also created a solid platform to enhance Feedlot Health’s research capabilities, which contributed to international recognition of the Feedlot Health research team.
Today, Feedlot Health is the industry leader in feedlot and calf grower consulting and research services, working with over four-million beef cattle a year.

Feedlot Health Timeline

  • Feedlot Health Management Services Ltd. (Feedlot Health) was founded in 1983 by Dr. Kee Jim
  • Division of Feedlot Health operations into professional services (Feedlot Health) and pharmaceutical supply (SAVS) business units in 2006
  • Expansion of Services to Quebec in 2007
  • Inclusion of Lethbridge Animal Clinic in 2008
  • Formation of Feedlot Health USA Division in 2009
  • Expansion of Calf Grower Operation Services in 2011
  • Formation of Dairy Health & Management Services in 2012
  • Expansion of Calf Grower Operation Services in 2011
  • Expansion of Services to Mexico in 2013
  • Expansion of Services to Ontario in 2017
  • Expansion of Services to Brazil in 2018
  • Expansion of Services to Kazakhstan in 2019