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Dr. Breck Hunsaker receives the Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., Excellence in Preventive Medicine Beef Award

At the 2019 American Association of Bovine Practitioners Annual Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Breck Hunsaker was awarded the Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. Excellence In Preventive Medicine Beef Award.

The award recognizes an individual member practitioner or practices that have developed outstanding preventive medicine programs for beef production. The award was established in 1982 by Merial and Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., assumed sponsorship of this award in 2017. The award consists of a $1500 general scholarship contribution to be made in the name of the recipient to his/her veterinary college of choice and a specially designed bronze plaque in bas-relief given to the recipient.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Breck Hunsaker for receiving this prestigious honour!

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Dr. Oliver Schunicht receives the 2018 WCABP Boehringer Ingelheim Veterinarian of the Year

This year’s recipient of the Boehringer Ingelheim WCABP Veterinarian of the Year award is Dr. Oliver Schunicht from Okotoks, AB.  Dr. Schunicht graduated from the WCVM in 1994 and has spent virtually his entire career practicing bovine production medicine with Feedlot Health Management Services in Okotoks as an associate field veterinarian, researcher and production consultant.

In recognition of his expertise, Oliver is often asked to speak at both national and international conferences on the topics of bovine health management and production.  Congratulations Dr. Schunicht on being named the 2018 Boehringer Ingelheim WCABP Veterinarian of the Year!

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Dr. Eric Behlke receives The James A. Jarrett Award for Young Leaders

At the 2018 American Association of Bovine Practitioners Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ, Eric was awarded The James A. Jarrett Award for Young Leaders.

The James A. Jarrett Award for Young Leaders recognizes members of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners who have made significant contributions to ensuring the current success and the future viability of the AABP. The award is presented at the AABP Annual Meeting to AABP members who have been nominated by another current AABP member and who have been determined to be deserving of the award by the AABP Board of Directors.

The award is limited to deserving AABP members who have graduated within ten (10) calendar years of graduation from veterinary school. Recipients will have given extraordinary service to the AABP in a manner that significantly enhances the mission of the organization. The award consist of a commemorative plaque and a commemorative ring. This award was established in 2005 and is presented only when a deserving individual has been nominated and selected.  Congratulations Dr. Eric Behlke!

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Dr. Eugene Janzen receives 2018 Canadian Beef Industry Award for Outstanding Research and Innovation

A leader in beef cattle production and medicine has been awarded the 2018 Canadian Beef Industry Award for Outstanding Research and Innovation. Dr. Eugene Janzen was honored at the 2018 Canadian Beef Industry Conference, held in London, Ontario.

Dr. Janzen is currently a professor and researcher at the University of Calgary College of Veterinary Medicine (UCVM). He received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) in 1972. His most recent research interests include effective pain control in beef cattle, toe-tip necrosis syndrome in feedlot animals, and livestock welfare during transport.

As a veterinarian and scientist, Dr. Janzen has made substantial contributions to the competitiveness and sustainability of the Canadian beef industry. His passion and dedication to cattle health and his close collaborations with producers are a treasure. He continually aligns his interests with those of the industry and works diligently to understand producers’ difficulties then meshes academic knowledge with the realities of the farm. Congratulations Dr. Eugene Janzen!!

Congratulations to Dr. Eugene Janzen who was awarded the 2018 Carl Block Award from the Canadian Animal Health Coalition (CAHC)

The peer-nominated award is presented for outstanding contributions in the field of livestock animal health.

 “Dr. Janzen’s commitment to animal agriculture has been clearly demonstrated over decades of involvement both in beef cattle production and education of generations of veterinary students,” said Mark Beaven, CAHC Executive Director. “His leadership in the development of University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine played a pivotal role in promoting that institution’s focus on animal agriculture, and his training of hundreds of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students in veterinary medicine will ensure that his influence continues to impact animal agriculture.”

Janzen’s research into the diagnosis and prevention of disease and promotion of animal health and welfare in agriculture were also factors leading to the award, along with his tireless effort in the area of pain assessment and mitigation in cattle and improving the quality of life of production animals.

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