PECORA is a data warehouse that connects a variety of data sources to provide on-demand reporting and querying capabilities which in turn provides additional support to our consultants to carry out data-driven decision making.

  • Database serves as an abstraction layer for all types of data sources.
  • Allows a uniform basis for analysis and reporting independent of where the source data is housed.
  • Daily refreshed data and pre-loaded computations allow for easy summarizations of up-to-date information.
  • Includes a variety of external data sources including animal management data, feeds data and feedlot-specific flat files.
  • Also contains its own primary data for feedlot metadata and mapping information, trigger criteria, feed library data, feedlot to RINA mapping and product group mapping.

PECORA-Based Reporting

  • This framework makes a variety of daily, weekly and on-demand reports available in a flexible, filterable form.
  • A single report template allows for a large variety of reports, as users can enter criteria to customize the summarized data.
  • Includes such reporting areas as:
    • Processing Times and Products
    • Trigger Reporting
    • Feedlot Summary Reports
    • Non-iFHMS Client Reports
    • Calf Grower Operation Reports
    • Feeds and Feeding Reports (Summary, Bunk Score, Ration Formulation, Ration Library)
    • Drilldowns to support these reports
  • Supports the automated emailing of reports that can be based on defined criteria.
  • Allows custom reports to be created to provide consultants with data based support tools for solid management decision making.