Animal Health

Healthy cattle promote a healthy bottom line.

Work with our professional consultants to ensure your feedlot has the tools to safely and humanely develop profitable cattle.

Animal Health Module – Key Features

  • Veterinarians with Specialization in Feedlot and Calf Grower Operations
    • Extensive, focused experience managing animal health in feedlots and calf grower operations means Feedlot Health veterinarians have the practical and technical expertise to manage complex health issues.
  • Data Driven Approach to Disease Prevention, Treatment and Control Protocols
    • Feedlot Health recommendations are based on the results from scientifically valid, large-pen commercial field trials, including cost-effectiveness of different preventive measures, therapies and intervention strategies for cattle with various animal health risk profiles.
  • Proprietary Individual Animal Software
    • Feedlot Health provides feedlot and calf grower clients with proprietary software (iFHMS©) to record all individual animal production and animal health information. The software has online disease management protocols to facilitate daily execution of health strategies, a full suite of reports that allow feedlot personnel to quickly and efficiently track animal health performance, and seamless data transfer of pertinent information to feedlot administrative software programs.
  • Daily “Real-Time” Monitoring 365
    • Utilizing iFHMS©, digital imaging (both live animals and postmortem dissections), electronic data transfer, multi-client monitoring/alert database, and daily reporting, Feedlot Health veterinarians continually monitor health events at all production sites.
  • Analysis and Summary of Individual Animal Health Records
    • The large Feedlot Health database allows for detailed analyses to describe the epidemiology of each disease, build risk categorization algorithms, evaluate animal health outcomes within individual feedlots, and compare feedlots to appropriate aggregated datasets.

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