Cattle Procurement and Marketing Strategies

A strong start helps deliver a stronger finish.

Streamline the procurement and selling process by working with our consultants to develop and refine your operation’s procurement model.

Cattle Procurement and Marketing Strategies – Key Features

  • Cattle Ownership Experiences Shape Approach to Consulting
    • Led by Dr. Kee Jim, the Feedlot Health professional services team understands the economic importance of cattle procurement and marketing strategies to feedlot and calf grower operations and recognizes the opportunity to improve net returns by using data and applying the scientific method to buying and selling cattle.
  • Data Driven Approach to Buying and Selling Cattle
    • The Feedlot Health team creates a competitive advantage for feedlot and calf grower clients using historical health, production, and carcass characteristic data. To fill knowledge gaps, this data is combined with comprehensive economic modeling, strategic implementation of performance enhancement technologies, and observational or field trial commercial research studies.
  • Refining the Cattle Procurement Process
    • Feedlot Health works with clients to analyze historical animal health and production information to provide more accurate parameter estimates for use in daily cattle procurement activities.
  • Evaluating Marketing Options
    • Using historical individual animal carcass data, the Feedlot Health team conducts detailed economic modeling of various “grid” marketing options to provide its feedlot and calf grower clients with the information they need to make the most profitable marketing decisions at any point in time.
  • Information to Support Risk Management Strategies
    • Weekly marketing projections are available in “real-time” to improve the precision of risk management and allow for more accurate assessments of potential marketing options.

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