Individual Animal Management (IAM)

Better results, one animal at a time.

Selling each animal at its optimal end-point increases your profit. With the use of our software and consultant services, determine the crucial selling point for each of your animals.

Individual Animal Management Module – Key Features

  • Experienced Consultants
    • The Feedlot Health professional team has over 15 years experience sorting cattle, managing feedlot production logistics, and fitting sorted populations into predetermined marketing plans.
  • Individual Animal Management
    • Feedlot Health targets production strategies (feeding programs, implant strategies, beta-agonists, etc.) and marketing programs at the individual animal level rather than the “average” pen, allowing cattle owners to maximize net profitability.
  • Proprietary Sorting Algorithms and Execution Tools
    • Feedlot Health provides its feedlot and calf grower customers with proprietary execution tools (iFHMS©, dSort, ProSort, StatSort, etc.) to sort cattle for IAM in a manner that optimizes feedlot occupancy and production logistics to meet customer expectations and maintain feedlot operational profitability.
  • Marketing Projections
    • Weekly marketing projections are available in “real-time”, which allows for easy and efficient management of slaughter cattle sales/booking, pre-harvest cattle production protocols and shipment procedures.
  • Data Driven Recommendations
    • Feedlot Health recommendations for IAM are based on the results from scientifically valid, large-pen commercial field trials to determine the cost-effectiveness of various production strategies and marketing options for different cattle types.

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