Performance Enhancement Product Protocols

Optimize the economic potential of your animals.

Improve the quality and consistency of your product. Our Consultants will work with you to develop protocols and strategies for cost-effective performance enhancement product use for your animals, as well as supporting documentation for the responsible and compliant use of these products in your operation.

Performance Enhancement Product Protocols – Key Features

  • A Data-Based Approach to Production Consulting
    • The Feedlot Health approach to incorporating performance enhancement technologies into commercial feedlot and calf grower operations is based on data collection and analysis, conduct of large-scale commercial field trials, economic modeling of research results, a formal approach to decision-making, and customization of recommendations to each production group and management system.
  • Importance of Commercial Field Trial Research Data
    • Over 35 years ago, Feedlot Health recognized the power and potential of the replicated large pen commercial feedlot field trial model to re-define the standard for evaluating and validating performance enhancement technologies. Today, the Feedlot Health professional team continues to adapt this research model for use under current feedlot and calf grower production conditions.
  • Integrated Approach to Evaluation
    • While the primary outcomes of interest in most performance enhancement studies are related to rate of gain and feed efficiency, the Feedlot Health professional team focuses on all aspects of production, including animal health and carcass characteristic outcomes.  
  • Detailed Economic Modeling
    • Comprehensive economic modeling, including sensitivity analyses to investigate a variety of costing scenarios, is conducted using the findings from large pen field trials to determine the net economic impact of each performance enhancement strategy, including impacts on feedlot operations, individual animal management, and marketing opportunities.
  • Real-Time Monitoring
    • Utilizing iFHMS© and other data collection tools, Feedlot Health production consultants monitor the use and application of implants, feed additives, and other performance enhancement technologies on an ongoing basis to maximize client returns by ensuring optimal application of performance enhancement products and execution of protocols.

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