Special Projects

Resources for all your needs.

Special Projects currently offered include:

  1. Research and development services
  2. Recruitment and immigration consulting services
  3. Strategic input and collaboration
  4. Fee for service projects

Access to Feedlot Health infrastructure for in-house research and development

Over the last 35 years Feedlot Health has developed the expertise and infrastructure for in-house research and development. Today, Feedlot Health works with multiple organizations, including feedlots and cow-calf ranches, government, publicly funded agencies, and pharmaceutical companies, to conduct research on our behalf as a means of testing a hypothesis relevant to animal health and production. Feedlot Health emphasizes the importance of field trial research collected at the individual animal level to determine biologic impacts and economic implications. These results give decision-makers a concrete answer to their hypothesis to help them determine the optimal solution for their operation opposed to following “standard” value or procedure.

Recruitment and immigration consulting services

Experienced professionals recruiting local and foreign workers specifically for positions to work within client operations

Feedlot Health is a licensed recruitment and immigration consulting agency. Our professionals can manage all recruitment and immigration administration.

Feedlot Health works closely with existing clients to understand their needs and the skills required for each position in their operation. Through this understanding and our international network, we can recruit and select candidates that are the best fit for each position.

Feedlot Health’s focus is on understanding immigration and government regulations specific to agricultural workers. By focusing in agriculture immigration consulting specific to our clients, we find the best route through the regulatory/government environment so our client operations can qualify and successfully hire foreign workers.

Strategic input and collaboration

The experienced professionals at Feedlot Health have developed a solid foundation of know-how, network and public relations within the North American cattle industry. Through this experience, Feedlot Health has assisted and provided input to multiple organizations as they work through barriers and milestones.

  1. Use of labour resources
  2. Labour and management structure
  3. Employee assessments
  4. Succession planning
  5. Accessing government funding
  6. Government lobby (Provincial and Federal)
  7. Consultation with financial institutions
  8. Coordination of alliance programs and value-chain initiatives
  9. Coordination of strategic relationships with key industry players
  10. Feedlot Health may partner with clients on specific projects

Fee for Service Projects

  1. Facility Design/Maintenance
  2. Feasibility Studies
  3. Beef Cattle Production Projects
  4. Green House Gas Credits
  5. Complex Data Analysis Projects
  6. Expert Input for Insurance and Legal Matters
  7. Government Regulatory Activities
  8. ELISA and NIR Assay of Tissue/Feed Samples

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