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Dr. Lauren Younker

Production Consultant Canada & US Feedlots and Calf Growers

Location:  Okotoks, AB Canada

Specialty:  Performance Enhancement Technologies, Individual Animal Management and Carcass Data Management

Education:  Doctor of Philosophy May 2019 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Major: Animal Science, Ruminant Nutrition Advisor: Dr. Galen Erickson; Master of Science   August 2016   Texas Tech University Major: Animal Science, Ruminant Nutrition Advisor: Dr. Jhones Sarturi; Bachelor of Science   May 2014   University of Saskatchewan Major: Animal Science Advisor: Dr. Greg Penner

Biography:  Lauren Joined Feedlot Health in May of 2019 as a consultant on the Individual Animal Management team. While growing up on the family farm near Scandia, Alberta, Lauren found a passion for the beef industry and decided to pursue secondary education in Animal Science. Through her schooling, Lauren was able to gain first-hand experience of the feeding industry in the United States and Canada. She is excited to be back in Alberta helping producers feed cattle across North America.