Advancements in Animal Health and Production

  • Development of large scale commercial field trial designs and bio-economic modeling techniques to facilitate the decision making process and ensure strategies are selected which optimize the economic sustainability of commercial operations

    Special Projects – Large Pen Commercial Trials

  • Application of digital imaging techniques for clinical and post-mortem findings, which allows: monitoring of cause specific mortality; internal quality control of diagnoses; removal of geographic constraints on consulting services; and educational purposes

    Animal Health

  • Development of “real-time” animal health and production monitoring systems allowing up-to-date oversight and decision making support for commercial operations on a daily basis

    Animal Health

  • Development of proprietary sorting algorithms and execution tools to create production cohorts in order to target optimal individual end-points while maintaining efficient pen space utilization

    Individual Animal Management

  • Development of feeding strategies based on commercial feedlot and calf-grower field trial data rather than theoretical ingredient feeding values

    Feeds and Feeding

  • Development of innovative low-dose, delayed administration, and implant stacking avoidance strategies to optimize the use of hormonal growth implants in feedlot and calf-grower production

    Performance Enhancement Product Protocols

  • Development of cattle procurement models that incorporate historical biologic parameters based on cattle type and operation specific data, along with real-time market data, to more precisely predict input costs and potential return on investment

    Cattle Procurement and Marketing