Feedlot Health considers the use of animals in research a privilege, not a right. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring the highest possible standard of care for animals used in research. All animal use is performed in accordance with provincial and federal legislation, and the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) guidelines, policies, and documents. Animals are used only for scientifically valid studies with a reasonable expectation of obtaining knowledge for the potential benefit of people, animals, and the beef industry.

Almost all of the research projects conducted by Feedlot Health coincide with commercial production practices; as a result, animal use specifically for research purposes is extremely limited. That being said, Feedlot Health voluntarily established its own Animal Care Committee in 2007 to ensure responsible use of animals for all research projects. With input from experts in animal welfare, veterinarians, and members of the public, this committee emphasizes the CCAC’s “Three Rs” tenet (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement). Committee members review the protocol for every proposed research trial to assess its scientific merit and ensure mitigation procedures are in place for any potentially painful or stressful events. The Feedlot Health Animal Care Committee received CCAC certification in 2014 and holds a Certificate of Good Animal Practice®.

The goal of the Feedlot Health Animal Care Committee is to provide a standard of due diligence to ensure proper animal care and welfare for all animal research. We are extremely proud of our ability to support and provide industry leadership on animal care and welfare standards within commercial feedlot and calf-grower production conditions.