Major Research Topics

To date, we have authored or co-authored more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific articles. The following are references for selected publications in each of seven broad research topic areas. For more information on our research programs please contact us.

Antimicrobial use, resistance characterization, and resistance monitoring (29 publications)

Select publications

Andrés-Lasheras S, Ha R, Zaheer R, Lee C, Booker CW, Dorin C, Van Donkersgoed J, Deardon R, Gow S, Hannon SJ, Hendrick S, Anholt M, McAllister TA. Prevalence and risk factors associated with antimicrobial resistance in bacteria related to bovine respiratory disease – a broad cross-sectional study of beef cattle at entry into Canadian feedlots. Front Vet Sci 2021; 8: 1-19.

Zaheer R, Cook SR, Barbieri R, Goji N, Cameron A, Petkau A, Ortega Polo R, Tymensen L, Stamm C, Song J, Hannon S, Jones T, Church D, Booker CW, Amoako K, Van Domselaar G, Read RR, McAllister TA. Surveillance of Enterococcus spp. reveals distinct species and antimicrobial resistance diversity across a One-Health continuum. Scientific Reports 2020; 10:1-16.

Hannon SJ, Brault SA, Otto SJG, Morley PS, McAllister TA, Booker CW, Gow SP. Feedlot cattle antimicrobial use surveillance network: a Canadian journey. Front Vet Sci 2020; 7:1-10.

2016 Update: Feedlot Health AMR-AMU Summary

Davedow T, Narvaez-Bravo C, Zaheer R, Sanderson H, Rodas-Gonzalez A, Kilma C, Booker CW, Hannon SJ, Bras A, Gow S, McAllister T. Investigation of a reduction in tylosin on the prevalence of liver abscesses and antimicrobial resistance in enterococci in feedlot cattle. Front Vet Sci 2020; 7:1-10.

Brault SA, Hannon SJ, Gow SP, Warr BN, Withell J, Song J, Williams CM, Otto SJG, Booker CW, Morley PS. Antimicrobial use on 36 beef feedlots in western Canada: 2008-2012. Front Vet Sci 2019; 6:1-16.

Tymensen L, Booker CW, Hannon SJ, Cook SR, Zaheer R, Read R, McAllister TA. Environmental growth of enterococci and Escherichia coli in feedlot catch basins and a constructed wetland in the absence of fecal input. Environ Sci Technol 2017, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.6b06274.

Benedict KM, Gow SP, McAllister TA, Booker CW, Hannon SJ, Checkley SL, Noyes NR, Morley PS.  Antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli recovered from feedlot cattle and associations with antimicrobial use.  PLoS ONE 2015; 10(12): e0143995. [doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0143995].

Noyes NR, Benedict KM, Gow SP, Booker CW, Hannon SJ, McAllister TA, and Morley PS. Mannheimia haemolytica in Feedlot Cattle: Prevalence of Recovery and Associations with Antimicrobial Use, Resistance, and Health Outcomes. J Vet Intern Med 2015;29:705-713

Klima CL, Zaheer R, Cook SR, Booker CW, Hendrick S, Alexander TW, McAllister TA. Pathogens of bovine respiratory disease in North American feedlots conferring multidrug resistance via integrative conjugative elements. J Clin Microbiol 2014; 52:438-448.

Weese JS, Hannon SJ, Booker CW, Gow SP, Avery BP, and Reid-Smith RJ. The prevalence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus colonization in feedlot cattle. Zoonosis Public Health, 2012, 59:144-147

Epidemiologic studies, disease characterization, and disease diagnosis (30 publications)

Select publications

Booker CW. Bovine respiratory disease treatment failure: definition and impact. Animal Health Res Rev 2020; 21: 172-174

Perrett T, Johnson DL, Song J, van de Pol S, Dahlman DA, Rademacher RD, Hannon SJ, Booker CW. A retrospective analysis of feedlot morbidity and mortality outcomes in calves born to dams with known viral vaccination history. Can Vet J 2018; 59:779-782.

Timsit E, Hallewell J, Booker CW, Tison N, Amat S, Alexander TW. Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility of Mannheimia haemolytica, Pasteurella multocida, and Histophilus somni isolated from the lower respiratory tract of healthy feedlot cattle and those diagnosed with bovine respiratory disease. Vet Microbiol 2017; 208:118-125.

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Abutarbush SM, Pollock CM, Wildman BK, Perrett T, Schunicht OC, Fenton RK, Hannon SJ, Vogstad AR, Jim GK, and Booker CW. Evaluation of the diagnostic and prognostic utility of ultrasonography at first diagnosis of presumptive bovine respiratory disease. Can J Vet Res 2012, 76:23-32

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Undifferentiated fever/bovine respiratory disease prevention and control through enhanced vaccination strategies (7 publications)

Select publications

Wildman BK, Jim GK, Perrett T, Schunicht OC, Hannon SJ, Fenton RK, Abutarbush SM, and Booker CW. A comparison of two multivalent viral vaccine programs in feedlot calves at high risk of developing undifferentiated fever/bovine respiratory disease. Bov Pract 2009, 43:130-139

Perrett T, Wildman BK, Abutarbush SM, Pittman TJ, Jones C, Pollock CM, Schunicht OS, Guichon PT, and Booker CW. A comparison of two Mannheimia haemolytica immunization programs in feedlot calves at high risk of developing undifferentiated fever/bovine respiratory disease. Bov Pract 2008, 42:64-75

Wildman BK, Perrett T, Abutarbush SM, Guichon PT, Pittman TJ, Booker CW, Schunicht OC, Fenton RK, and Jim GK. A comparison of 2 vaccination programs in feedlot calves at ultra-high risk of developing undifferentiated fever/bovine respiratory disease. Can Vet J 2008, 49:463-472

Ribble CS, Jim GK, and Janzen ED. Efficacy of immunization of feedlot calves with a commercial Haemophilus somnus bacterin. Can J Vet Res 1988, 52:191-198

Undifferentiated fever/bovine respiratory disease metaphylaxis and treatment strategies (17 publications)

Select publications

Booker CW, Perrett T, Fenton RK, Behlke EJ, Hannon SJ, Wildman BK, Rademacher RD, McMullen CA, Hunsaker BD, Hill T, Jim GK. An evaluation of concomitant therapy for the treatment of arrival fever in feedlot calves at ultra-high risk of developing undifferentiated fever/bovine respiratory disease. Int J Appl Res Vet Med 2017; 15:85-98.

Behlke EJ, Hannon SJ, Perrett T, Schunicht OC, McMullen CA, Wildman BK, Fenton RK, Burciaga-Robles LO, May ML, Jim GK, Abutarbush SM, and Booker CW. Comparative efficacy of ceftiofur crystalline free acid and florfenicol-flunixin meglumine for undifferentiated fever treatment in feedlot calves administered tulathromycin metaphylactically on arrival. Bov Pract 2015;49:48-54

Abutarbush SM, Schunicht OC, Wildman BK, Hannon SJ, Jim GK, Ward TI, and Booker CW. Comparison of enrofloxacin and ceftiofur sodium for the treatment of relapse of undifferentiated fever/bovine respiratory disease in feedlot cattle. Can Vet J 2012, 52:57-62

Hannon SJ, Perrett T, Wildman BK, Schunicht OC, Vogstad AR, Fenton RK, Burciaga-Robles LO, Pollock CM, Jim GK, Berg J, and Booker CW. Efficacy of a florfenicol-flunixin meglumine combination product versus tulathromycin or ceftiofur crystalline free acid for the treatment of undifferentiated fever in feedlot calves. Vet Ther 2009, 10(4):1-18

Perrett T, Abutarbush SM, Wildman BK, Fuchs MT, Schunicht OC, Pollock CM, Fenton RK, Jim GK, Guichon PT, Booker CW, Berg J, Roder J, and Spire M. A comparison of florfenicol and tulathromycin for the treatment of undifferentiated fever in feedlot calves. Vet Ther 2008, 9:128-140

Booker CW, Abutarbush SM, Schunicht OC, Jim GK, Perrett T, Wildman BK, Guichon PT, Pittman TJ, Jones C, and Pollock CM. Evaluation of the efficacy of tulathromycin as a metaphylactic antimicrobial in feedlot calves. Vet Ther 2007, 8(3):183-200

Schunicht OC, Guichon PT, Booker CW, Jim GK, Wildman BK, Hill BW, Ward TI, Bauck SW, and Jacobsen JA. A comparison of prophylactic efficacy of tilmicosin and a new formulation of oxytetracycline in feedlot calves. Can Vet J 2002, 43:355-362

Jim GK, Booker CW, Guichon PT, Schunicht OC, Wildman BK, Johnson JC, and Lockwood PW. A comparison of florfenicol and tilmicosin for the treatment of undifferentiated fever in feedlot calves in western Canada. Can Vet J 1999, 40:179-184

Merrill JK, Jim GK, Guichon PT, and Booker CW. A comparison of the prophylactic use of tilmicosin injection and long-acting oxytetracycline injection on morbidity, mortality, and performance of feedlot calves. J Anim Sci 1994, 72(Suppl 1):143(Abstract 547)

Parasiticide efficacy and parasite control strategies (5 publications)

Select publications

Rademacher RD, Behlke EJ, Parr SL, Hannon SJ, Williams CM, Fenton, RK, Jim GK, Booker, CW. An evaluation of eprinomectin extended-release injectable (LongRange®) on the performance of yearling cattle on pasture in western Canada. Bov Pract 2018; 52.1:46-52.

Guichon PT, Jim GK, Booker CW, Schunicht OC, Wildman BK, and Brown JR. Relative cost-effectiveness of treatment of feedlot calves with ivermectin versus treatment with a combination of fenbendazole, permethrin, and fenthion. J Am Vet Med Assoc 2000, 216:1965-1969

Schunicht OC, Guichon PT, Booker CW, Jim GK, Wildman BK, Ward TI, Bauck SW, and Gross SJ. Comparative cost-effectiveness of ivermectin versus topical organophosphate in feedlot yearlings. Can Vet J 2000, 41:220-224

Management practices and production technologies (13 publications)

Select publications

Booker CW, Jim GK, Grimson TM, Hill KT, Wildman BK, Nickell JN. Association between computer-aided lung auscultation and treatment failure risk in calves treated for respiratory disease. Can Vet J 2021; 62: 511.

Alemu AW, Shreck AL, Booker CW, McGinn SM, Pekrul LKD, Kindermann M, Beauchemin KA. Use of 3-nitrooxypropanol in a commercial feedlot to decrease enteric methane emissions from cattle fed a corn-based finishing diet. J Anim Sci 2021; 99: 1-13.

Alemu AW, Pekrul LKD, Shreck AL, Booker CW, McGinn SM, Kindermann M, Beauchemin KA. 3-Nitrooxypropanol decreased enteric methane production from growing beef cattle in a commercial feedlot: implications for sustainable beef cattle production. Front Anim Sci 2021; 2: 1-12.

Ribeiro GO, May ML, Parr SL, Schunicht OC, Burciaga-Robles LO, Hannon SJ, Grimson TM, Booker CW, McAllister TA. Effects of conventional and nonconventional growth-enhancing technologies for finishing feedlot beef steers. Appl Anim Sci 2020; 36:524-536.

Quinn MJ, Stamm CG, Shreck AL, PAS, Parr SL, Booker CW, Hannon SJ, Corbin MJ, Rademacher RD, May ML. Evaluation of long-acting implant programs for calf-fed Holsteins. Appl Anim Sci 2020; 36:537-549.

Shreck AL, Behlke EJ, Paddock ZD, Burciaga-Robles LO, Parr SL, Booker CW, Hannon SJ, Raaphorst HS, Byers L, Rademacher RD, Quinn MJ, May, ML. Effect of daily rotational feeding of lasalocid and monensin to yearling feedlot steers fed in western Canada. Prof Anim Sci 2016; 32:561-569.

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Perrett T, Wildman BK, Jim GK, Vogstad AR, Fenton RK, Hannon SJ, Schunicht OS, Abutarbush SM, and Booker CW. Evaluation of the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of melengestrol acetate in feedlot heifer calves in western Canada. Vet Ther 2008, 9(3):223-240

Jim GK, Ribble CS, Guichon PT, and Thorlakson BE. The relative economics of feeding open, aborted and pregnant feedlot heifers. Can Vet J 1991, 32:613-617

Other research topics (12 publications)

Select publications

Navarre C, Daniels A, Johnston MO, Mathis C, Perrett T, Posey D, Ramirez A, Stough-Hunter A, Telgen C, Welch D, Widmar NO. Impact of recruitment and retention of food animal veterinarians on the U.S. food supply. CAST 2020; 67:1-16.

Perrett T. Successful concepts for building beef practice. Bov Pract 2015; 49.2:159-162.

Stanford K, Hannon SJ, and Booker CW. Variable efficacy of a vaccine and direct-fed microbial for controlling Escherichia coli O157:H7 in feces and on hides of feedlot cattle. Foodborne Pathogen Dis, 2014, 11(5):379-387

Hallewell J, McAllister TA, Thomas J, Booker CW, Hannon SJ, Jim GK, Burciaga-Robles LO, May ML, Peterson RE, Flaig C, Hussey EM, and Stanford K. Effects of wheat or corn distillers dried grains with solubles on feedlot performance, fecal shedding, and persistence of Escherichia coli O157:H7. J Anim Sci 2012, 90:2802-281